Recent Gallery Shows

December 2017 The Surface Of The Earth Heaved, And Seethed In Fecund Restlessness, Earth Was Most Fertile, Where The Most          

                            Death Was,  Tiny Show, Gallery 924, Indianapolis, IN.

October 2017      Death 2, Birth 2, Glick Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

Feb. 2017           Death 1, Birth 1, Death 2, Birth 2, Religion Spirituality & The Arts, Indianapolis, IN

December 2016 The Stars Are Wishes, The Stars Fell Into The Lake, Tiny Show, Gallery 924, Indianapolis, IN.

June 2016           Can’t, Spectrum Gestalt 3, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
December 2015  Bound, Can’t, Breathe, Tiny Show, Gallery 924,  Indianapolis, IN.
December 2015  Beholder, Black Tie, Harrison Center For Fine Arts, Indianapolis, IN.
December 2015  Under Water, Snap To Grid, Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
August 2015       Surrounded By Monsters, Glick Gallery,  Indianapolis, IN.

Podcast Interview

June 2016             The Alchemy Or Art: Episode 28