Bianca is an synesthetic artist and illustrator whose work combines elements of traditional painting and rendering techniques with digital processes.  She is the Chair of 2d studies at the Glick School of Art in Indiana and former east coast head of education for Copic Markers USA.  She has lectured and taught illustration and rendering at Universities in the US and Canada.  Her work has been shown in galleries as far away as Bath, England and most recently, her work was exhibited at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Artist's Statement

Exploring the not so universal language:

I am an artist who works in a variety of media including; painting, drawing, digital and multi-media work. My artworks focus on concepts of reality and perception as well as the dissonance between form and content and the dysfunctions of language. My work often utilizes both concrete language—such as words written and encoded in morse—and the abstract language of color and shape in which each element has a fixed linguistic aspect.  


Because my work is so strongly linked to notions of language I play with giving elements improper functions: two opposing personal truths are often asserted in one piece creating an ambiguous space leaving the viewer questioning the nature of personal truth and their role in the interpretation of art.  Through layering shades of meaning and language I attempt to grasp the nature of language, communication and connection between artists and viewer. In transforming art into a narrative which is deconstructed to the extent that interpretations become multifaceted, I highlight the ambiguities, plurality of meaning and indistinctness of the world we live in.