Artist's Statement

Everything is interconnected.  My work, explores my unique synesthetic sensory experience (a neurological condition where senses are intermixed) in an effort to share my personal experience of a world without sensory boundaries. My work, though abstract in appearance, is in actuality representational. It is a snapshot of the moving landscape that I experience when I hear music, read text, or feel a touch upon my skin.  


My work frequently links text, music and color together in an effort to give my audience a simulation of my own sensory experience. My desire is to not only broaden my audience’s understanding of synesthesia as a condition, but open the door to a world where the most simplistic sensory inputs yields vibrant glorious connections. To show a world where the sound of rain on the wind yields a symphony of colors that dance with equal parts joy and sorrow.  Where the wind in the trees create fingers of colors that reach forward to softly embrace you twining about you like a dear friend whose absence has been long felt. A world where just below the surface, everything is interconnected and it is achingly beautiful.



I am a synesthetic painter who works as the 2d studio chair at the Click School in Indiana. I also own Cloves & Honey Watercolors, a handmade artisanal watercolor company, that I started in an effort to make paint that better represented my synesthetic experiences.  I have a background in performance art, with a specialization in color theory and aesthetics.  I've lectured on color theory and rendering all over the world. In my spare time, when not painting, teaching or making paint, I enjoy petting my dog Hugo and studying quantum entanglement.