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Vonnegut Inspired Synesthetic Work

This year's Tiny Show, hosted by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, is Kurt Vonnegut themed.  I decided to push myself to work more with my text to color work and used a quote of his to create four synesthetic works from the sounds of the text.  I'm still finding the work with straight text has less depth and isn't as three dimensional as what I see when I listen to music, but I'm noticing a strengthening. 

The quote I worked from was from the Book The Sirens Of Titan; "The surface of the earth heaved and seethed in fecund restlessness. Earth was most fertile where the most death was." 

  The Surface Of The Earth Heaved ,  Watercolor on Yupo paper.

The Surface Of The Earth Heaved , Watercolor on Yupo paper.

  And Seethed In Fecund Restlessness,  Watercolor on Yupo Paper

And Seethed In Fecund Restlessness, Watercolor on Yupo Paper

  Earth Was Most Fertile,  Watercolor and Ink on Yupo Paper

Earth Was Most Fertile, Watercolor and Ink on Yupo Paper

  Where The Most Death Was,  Watercolor and Ink on Yupo Paper.

Where The Most Death Was, Watercolor and Ink on Yupo Paper.


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Here is the playlist of music used to create my synesthetic pieces along with an index of what pieces go with which tracks.  Music & images will be added as I go so check back often or simply follow the playlist on spotify!  To read more about synesthesia and my personal journey with it click here

Monstrous Journey 

My newest set of pieces are a further exploration of using my synesthesia to create my art.  Since I started pushing its boundaries during my work for Religion Spirituality And The Arts, I've been curious to see what other approaches I can use as I begin to really engage with my synesthesia in a purposeful way.

While I've always been fascinated with the idea of narrative in art, I've moved slowly away from direct narrative and into more oblique references as my art has grown more abstract over the last few years. While the narrative still exists in my synesthetic work, it feels more emergent, as I pick a song based off the mood or the colors and shapes I wanted to paint.  But I've been wondering what would happen if I purposefully began with a narrative, as I used to when illustrating, but still used my synesthesia to create the work.

For this project I started with a loose storyboard of the narrative I wanted to tell and then selected songs as a soundtrack for each movement of the story.  I worked hard to match the lyrics as well as to think of how the songs would flow together to reinforce the pacing and feel of the overall narrative.  In essence, I'm working in reverse since up to this point I've started with a specific visual idea and then picked music that fit it.  Because I'm looking at the music as removed from the visual picture it creates in my head, I'm curious how my purposeful narrative will impact the overall feeling of the pieces. I know I can't fully remove myself from the imagery and colors since I see it as soon as I hear the music; so on some level, since I know the songs, the synesthesia is must be informing my picks.  But I've tried to start with the lyrics FIRST as a safeguard against defaulting to songs that I know will "fit" with the story I'm trying to tell.

The complete playlist is below.  I will tag each piece with the appropriate songs as I finish them.  I'm painting a bit out of sequence so I'll try to reorder the pieces as I finish them as well so that they're showing up in proper sequence.  I have no idea how successful this experiment will be, but I'm excited to try pushing my synesthesia and the idea of narrative into a new dimension.